The Ezoe method to learn Japanese

The Ezoe method to learn Japanese

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute in Tokyo uses an original teaching style―called the Ezoe Method. The Ezoe Method uses cards and gestures to help students easily and quickly learn Japanese grammar.

Ezoe Method has been used there since 1975 . This teaching method has proven to be effective in improving international students’ levels of understanding, speaking, reading and writing Japanese.


The Ezoe Method is mainly used to teach international students. It has now also used in Japan by other Schools, such as elementary schools or schools for deaf children.



Ezoe Method uses different cards. They represent various parts of speech (noun, verb, particle, etc.). Students are taught to order these cards like Lego an d form grammatically correct sentences. In addition to the cards, the Ezoe Method uses gestures to help remember verb conjugations.


Verb groupVerb group


Noun groupNoun group

Adverb groupAdverb group

Ezoe Method combines very well with technology. Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute teamed up with NTT Communications to create grammar and vocabulary apps for students. They practice Japanese wherever they are.

These apps, called VLJ (“Visual Learning Japanese”), allow students to search for any hiragana, katakana and kanji, look up speech and examples, watch videos related to the character and much more.

Students can also utilize a website that contains all the lessons from their classes in video format. They can watch what they’ve learned.



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