Oise Paris: for Executives

Oise Paris: for Executives

Oise Paris is a small School that teaches French language mostly to executive and highly motivated students. Here prices are higher but you learn French in a class of 4 students max. This makes all the difference, when you need to make rapid progress and master French language quickly.

Premises are also premium. While the School is small, classes are all very nice and bright. You get a personalized learning. Students have to prepare their course ahead. This helps make progress faster.

Oise Paris offers a variety of courses: One to One French language courses or group courses. The average stay is of 3 weeks. Each course lasts 1 hour and a half. The preparation takes about 30 minutes, done in the school, prior to the course.

Average student age is around 35 years old in the winter and 25 in the summer. A one week course is around €860. In the afternoon the School proposes cultural Workshops. One theme per week. On Friday afternoon a visit outside is organized in relation with the week’s theme. It can be architecture, fashion, dance,…

 The School offers a choice of accommodation: home stay, private apartments, hotels. Families are all within Paris.

At Oise Paris, the goal is to appropriate the language. It is a practical approach and it works.

More information: https://www.oise.com/intensive-French-courses-in-Paris

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