The Japanese Teacher Online Homestay Program: Communication Course!

The Japanese Teacher Online Homestay Program: Communication Course!

As you know, the pandemic has limited travel opportunities for many—but at Nextage, we want people to experience Japan no matter the situation! In the Japanese Teacher Online Homestay Program, students have online Japanese conversation classes with a licensed instructor or an instructor who has completed our in-house instruction course.

However, the course is not simply conversation classes — students can use what they learn to interact with the teacher’s family, and get a look into a real Japanese household through a virtual house tour. What is more, on the weekend, students can go on a virtual walk around the neighborhood visiting sightseeing spots, a Japanese shopping mall, or other locations, or even learn how to cook a Japanese dish together online in the kitchen.

It’s an excellent opportunity to take advantage of modern-day technology and virtually homestay in Japan from the comfort of your own home! We would be honored if you would consider offering it to your students.

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