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The Alliance Française Paris : a French Institution

The Alliance Française Paris : a French Institution

The Alliance Française is a real French Institution. Founded in 1883, the Alliance Française is located in Paris famous 6 Suburb. It is right in the city Center. The Building is really impressive as all French old historic buildings. The Alliance Française in Paris is both the largest and the oldest French Language School in the French Capital. Each year, more than 12,000 students, from 160 countries, come  to learn French there since 1894!


The Alliance Française offers a choice of French language courses for all levels. Maximum of Students per class is 15. Average age is 29:

– Intensive French is a 20h per week course

– Extensive French is a 9h per week course

– Evening French courses are 4h per week courses

– Class+ is aa 4h course + 2h online courses, per week for a minimum of 4 weeks

– Business French courses

Plus French courses for Teachers. More than 2,300 French Teachers are trained each year!


Named “Ateliers” in French, they consist of electives to work on specific aspects of the French Language:

– Oral French

– Theatrical Techniques

– Preparation to French exam “DELF” or entrance to University in France

– A New workshop is dedicated to complete new learners. It is a pronunciation workshop

You can also combine General French courses and workshops in what they call “the + Packages” and benefit from discounted prices.

The Alliance Française offers top facilities that include a brilliant multimedia center which makes the School really unique in Paris. A large cafeteria. The center has 60 classrooms, 41 are equipped with latest smart boards. 98 full time Teachers complete this flattering portrait.


15 free cultural activities are offered each month. A Culture Pass gives students discounts in major cultural Institutions in Paris, such as the Louvre.


Most students who come for a few weeks choose accommodation in selected French families. Families are within 15 minutes from the School. The School also has agreements with Paris University and can boast student residence during the summer months at cheap prices. You can also rent short stay apartments. For longer stays many students share apartments as always.

More information:

Atelier 9: small is beautiful

Atelier 9: small is beautiful

French School in Paris

Founded in 2002

Atelier 9 is registered as a training Institute. The School has 5 classes in a XIX century Parisian apartment. Maximum number of students is of 9 students per class. It is a School for 18+, although during summer months Atelier 9 welcomes groups of children and teenagers.

3 major types of French courses

The School offers 3 major types of French courses:

– Semi-intensive French courses 10h/week for €495 for 4 weeks

– Intensive French courses 20h/week for €265 for 1 week

– Extensive evening French courses 3h/week for €400 for 3 months

Home-stay in French families in Paris

Average Student age is between 25 to 35. But the School welcomes students of all ages. The School also offers accommodation. This is dealt by France stay. Students can choose between French Family home-stay and rentals.

There 3 to 5 French language levels. The Teaching method has been developed by the School. So no additional Book fees are required.

Language and Culture

Once a week, Atelier 9 offers “language and culture” around various themes such as:

– French songs

– Guide tours around Paris

– Welcome Cocktail

– Departure Party

Institut de Francais Paris 17eme: a serious School

Institut de Francais Paris 17eme: a serious School

Founded in 1986, The “Institut de Français” is now located in Paris XVII suburb. It is a very nice residential part of Paris. Quiet. Near to the Champs Elysées and the “Grands Magasins”.

The Institute is directed by Mr Bois a very nice and professional person. The School has 7 class rooms of different sizes in a nice XIX Haussman style building.

Students max: 15 per class

School Capacity: 300 Students per month

Course proposed:

– General French

– Options: Grammar, Civilization, Conversation

– Au Pair

– Children and under 18 for Expatriates on one to one basis

– Summer courses for Children and Teenagers

– French Exam preparation DELF; DALF

The School is accredited as “Etablissement d’Enseignement Supérieur”. It also has the label “Qualité Française” given by the CIEP since 2011.