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South West of England
South West of England
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English courses in the Greece
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English courses in the South West of England

The premier destination for language students
The South West of England is a great location for learning English. Some of the most beautiful countrysides and breathtaking coastlines to be found in England. From the antique Roman city of Bath and the surfing paradise of Newquay, to the ancient towns of Salisbury and Totnes.
There are plenty to do in the beautiful south west of England..... [...]

Special offers

English School in Portland, ̱

English + Volunteer
English School in Portland,  ̱ Per 4-Week Term, Application fees included [...] 4 weeks

English School in Cedar Falls, ̱

Full Time Classes
English School in Cedar Falls,  ̱ Reading, Listening/Speaking, Writing/Grammar.
Application and University fees included [...]
8 weeks

English School in Ottawa, ij

General English
English School in Ottawa,  ij 26h15min per week - these prices include : Tuition, homestay, medical insurance, application and pla [...] 2 weeks

English School in London,

Business Management
English School in London,  The Business Management programme (BM) offered by ABE is accredited by Ofqual. The three levels of t [...] 6 Months

English School in London,

Full Time English Language
English School in London,  FTS 2, 15 hours/ 20 lessons per week (morning), Please note: Lessons during the day be [...] 1 week

English School in Byron Bay, ȣ

IELTS Exam Preparation
English School in Byron Bay,  ȣ Students attend full time IELTS exam preparation classes - minimum level required pre-intermediate. [...] 12 weeks

English School in Sydney, ȣ

Business English
English School in Sydney,  ȣ The course aims to improve students ability to communicate in English in a wide range of business s [...] 4 weeks

English School in Auckland,

Intensive English (9am - 3pm) + Accommodation
English School in Auckland,  The maximum we are offering is 25 hours (25 lessons) with standard Homestay acommodation, registrati [...] 2 weeks

English School in Cape Town, ī

General English
English School in Cape Town,   ī 20 lessons per week [...] 1 week

French School in Annecy,

French as a foreign Language
French School in Annecy,  2 weeks (3h/day) Individual tuitions [...] 2 weeks

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English School in Bristol,

English School in  Bristol, England BLC is a dynamic, independent, British Council accredited school which offers a wide range of high quality English language courses. We treat every student as an individual, ensuring they receive an all-round experience. We teach practical, real-life English and we use the latest technology for learning inside and out of the classroom.
We help students to:
- Communicate effectively in intern [...]

English School in Exeter,

English School in  Exeter, England Globe's elegant and comfortable buildings offer the tranquility of gardens and terraces in the City centre, within 5 minutes walk of the Cathedral, shops and stations. Globe is a very good school both for children, teenagers and adults. Exeter is on of the most beautiful cities in England. Exeter is situated in southwest England. [...]

English School in Southbourne,

English School in  Southbourne, England The school is a family-run English language school founded in 1966. It occupies purpose-built premises situated in the middle of a typical English suburb with only a ten-minute walk away from the sea. The school is open all year and caters for students of all ages, levels and nationalities. It provides an informal, friendly atmosphere in which to study. Whatever your language level, we can help, a [...]

English School in Swanage,

English School in  Swanage, England Harrow House was founded in 1969 and provides English language courses for adult and junior students from more than 50 different countries. We are accredited by the British Council and are a member of English UK, Young Learners English UK, Education UK, British Council and RALSA.


Harrow House has a reputation for quality and professionalism. Our facilities include: Games [...]

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English Schools in South Africa
ȣ Ͻڽ
ij Ͻڽ
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Business English courses in South Africa
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Ÿ ִϾڽ
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Junior courses in South Africa

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б, Sydney

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б, Cape Town

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б, Geneva

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Ͼ б, Berlin

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ξ б, Barcelona
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ξ б, Santander

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ξ б, Metepec


Globe English Centre
Globe English Centre provides accredited English courses in England. It is a very good English school in England. In the beautiful city of Exeter. It was founded in 1978. Globe proposes English courses for adults and juniors. Intensive and Business English courses. Work Placement.
Berlitz Language Centre
English courses in England with Berlitz School of English. English courses, Business English courses in England. English courses in England for children and juniors and Berlitz quality.
Byron Bay English
One of the most attractive stops on the whole East coast. English Language Courses for International Students and Travelers
ASC English Boston
ASC English in Boston provides superior quality and affordable academic programs for students at every level. We offer courses for Intensive ESL, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, and College Preparation. For younger students, we offer Youth Summer and School Year Academic Programs.
March 2011 in Madrid, Spain - Spain largest Student fair

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