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Spanish language schools in Spain

With a superficies of 505 955 km2 and a population of 40 millions inhabitants, Spain is a lively country in South Europe. Spanish is the spoken language and Euro the currency.
There are many Spanish language schools in Spain and this country is a wonderful place to take Spanish courses.
There are plenty of beautiful cities in Spain, such as Madrid, which is Spain capital city but also Barcelona, Seville, Salamanca, Valencia,... You will appreciate the warm weather while visiting Spain, after a Spanish course in a Spanish language school in Spain.
The Spanish schools in Spain will be glad to help you find an activity after your Spanish courses in Spain. In fact, the opportunities you will have are numerous. If your Spanish language school in Spain is along the coast, you can enjoy the pleasures of the beach and water sports. If your Spanish language school in Spain is in a city, you will enjoy Spanish busy and warm nightlife, visit museums, go shopping or simply relax in a beautiful park.

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Spanish courses in Spain Spanish courses in Spain

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Letra Hispánica - Spain
Letra Hispánica - Spain

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