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Italian schools in Italy

Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, many cities people dream of! Italy is a country with a very rich cultural past: from the former Roman temples to the Sixteen Chapels, Italy is a treasure in term of culture. Moreover, its situation, surrounded by the sea, makes it all the more attractive for tourism.
There are many Italian schools in Italy and they will be glad to help you discover this wonderful country.
With a population of 57.5 million inhabitants and a superficies of 302 000 millions km2, it is a vast country.
The euro is the currency used and Italian the spoken language.
Whatever you like, you will find a place offering it in Italy, and an Italian school willing to help you learning Italian and discovering the country.
You like partying, visiting museums and walking along famous avenues? Rome, the capital city, Naples, Florence, Milan and the other big Italian cities will offer you everything you want. You would rather like to relax, go hiking or simply appreciate nature and quiet? The Italian countryside is the perfect place to go to!

You will definitely enjoy visiting Italy while taking Italian courses there!

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Italian courses in Italy Italian courses in Italy

Italian Schools Italy

Italian in Italy
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Siena - Scuola Leonardo da Vinci - Italy
Siena - Scuola Leonardo da Vinci - Italy

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