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Ireland is the most westerly country of the European Union, separated from Great Britain by the North Channel on the Northeast and the Irish Sea on the east. It is a perfect place to take English courses.
You will indeed definitely enjoy Irelandís lakes and beautiful landscapes.
Ireland is an island of 84,288 sq. km. There are many English language schools in Ireland.
The country is divided into four historic provinces: Ulster (9 counties) in the north; Munster (6 counties) in the south; Leinster (12 counties) in the east; and Connacht (5 counties) in the west.
The population of the 32 counties of Ireland is approximately 5 million.
Winters in Ireland are mild and summers temperate due to the prevailing south-westerly winds and the influence of the warm waters of the North Atlantic Drift.
The currency of the Republic of Ireland is Euro (Ä).Euro currency should only be used in the Republic and sterling currency in Northern Ireland.
Ireland's biggest cities are Dublin (capital), Cork, Galway, and Limerick. These cities are very lively and people will welcome you as friends. Nevertheless, the Irish countryside has also much to offer.
The English language schools in Ireland will be glad to help you discover this wonderful country.

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English courses in Ireland English courses in Ireland

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