The best language courses abroad are on Educamia. If you want to learn English, learn Spanish, learn German, learn Italian or learn French, our directory of language courses will help you find the best accredited courses. To study abroad, study english in the UK, Ireland, England, Spain, the USA, Canada, Malta or Australia.

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With a population of over 60 millions inhabitants and a superficies of 131 760 km2, England is a perfect place to take English courses in an English language school. And there are plenty of English language schools ready to welcome you in England.
The currency is the pound and London England’s capital city. London is a great place to take English courses in an English language school in England. London is famous for its museums, Big Ben, the Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar square, Hyde Park and also for its lively night life.

There are plenty of other cities in England. From its famous University, Oxford and Cambridge to its seaside resorts, Brighton, Bournemouth, Torquay; from busy pop-football cities like Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham to its tranquil green country side where finding a pub means good food, a warm welcome and a nice cold beer.
England has an oceanic climate. In winter, temperatures go seldom below 0°C. During the summer, they seldom go over 30°C.
The English language schools in England will be glad to help you making excursions after your English courses.

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