Every year about 600,000 foreign students come to the United Kingdom to improve their English language skills.

Courses for all ages and abilities: It is thought that England has more English language courses than any other country. You can learn English for your career, for educational purposes, or for fun. You can also study English on its own, or with other subjects at the same time.

Exalting teaching and learning: In England, English language learning is about having fun and taking part. Instead of just listening to your teacher, your classes involve games, problem-solving and communication. You also listen to songs, watch Television or read magazines to exercise your understanding skills. It does not feel like work at all!

Quality guaranteed: Accredited English language centers are regularly inspected to ensure high standards of teaching, accommodation, welfare support and facilities.

The home of the English language: When you explore England you’ll be surrounded by native speakers, so you can practice the language in real-life situations. You will find that your skills improve quickly.

Ready for your future: English language skills are such a useful tool on the job market. English is a great assets for your future.

A unique social education: Learning English in England is also an opportunity to make new friends from around the world, discover England’s culture and beautiful rural areas and towns.

[skills main_text=”Why England?” main_color=”#193340″ text_color=”#ffffff”]
[skill main_color=”#97BE0D” percentage=”95″] For all ages [/skill]
[skill main_color=”#D84F5F” percentage=”82″] Exalting learning[/skill]
[skill main_color=”#88B8E6″ percentage=”75″] Quality guaranteed[/skill]
[skill main_color=”#BEDBE9″ percentage=”33″] English Home[/skill]
[skill main_color=”#EDEBEE” percentage=”20″] For your future[/skill]

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