Why learn a Foreign language?

Learning a foreign language takes time and commitment. Reasons to learn a foreign language are varied, but whatever your reasons, having a clear idea of why you’re learning a language can help to motivate you.


When you move to a new country, learning the language helps to communicate and integrate. Doing so will prove your interest and commitment to the new nation.


When your friends speak another language, learning it helps to communicate. It also provide a better understanding of their culture.


When you have regular contacts with foreigners, talking to them in their own language helps you to communicate, make sales and contracts. Knowledge of foreign languages also increase your chances of finding a job, travel and work overseas.

Study or research

If you want to study at a University abroad or if you work in Research, you know you need to master the language at an academic level. Most Universities will ask for language exam assessments.


A basic ability in a foreign language will help you to travel and enjoy your holidays.

If you are more advanced, you can meet people, make friends and discover the country in a much deeper and funnier way.


Languages defend and nurture the growth of various cultures, where different paths of human knowledge can be revealed. They surely make life richer.


For example, if you enjoy French Cuisine, a great way to find out more, it is to learn French and take courses there. Not only will you make progress quickly but you will immerse in the culture that makes French cuisine so popular.

Challenging your Brain

Learning a foreign language is a great way to use your brain and learn new things at all ages. A recent study has shown that learning foreign languages reduce the risks to suffer from Alzheimer.

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