You may have read many articles that tell you that studying abroad is the best way to learn a foreign language. It is true. But I would like to give you some feedback from my own experience on how you can make the most of a study abroad program:

1. Limit time spent with students from your country.

This is difficult. Of course, you don’t have to fully avoid Students from your country. But this means you lose valuable immersion time. It is indeed comfortable to be with your home country Students. However learning a new language is about making efforts. Limit your time with other native speakers of your first language, and see how quickly you will make progress in your second language.

2. Everyday, go out and speak the language.

Of course, if you sit around all day, you’ll never learn a second language.Go out and talk to people. Put yourself in situations where you have to speak the language. For example, go to the grocery store, where you have to read labels and talk to cashiers. Think of situations as you can that will compel you to use different types of vocabulary.

3. Stay in a family that does not speak your language.

Most study abroad programs give you the option of living with a host family. Specify that you would like a family that does not speak your language. You will then have to practice the language and you will make fast progress.

The most important thing is to step out of your comfort zone. Language learning necessitates making mistakes, that is how you will become fluent!

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