tem uma seleção de cursos de linguas no exterior. Se você quiser aprender ingles, espanhol, italiano, alemão ou francês, nossa escola de cursos de línguas pode te ajudar a encontrar os melhores cursos. Para estudar no exterior, estude no Reino Unido, Irlanda, Inglaterra, Espanha, Estados Unidos, Canadá, Malta, Australia.

Cursos de inglês Inglaterra, Escolas de inglês Inglaterra

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Educamia has been selecting schools from all around the world since 1998. Over 2 million students, parents, teachers and agents use Educamia to be informed, to compare and book courses every year. Educamia is based in San Francisco, Paris and London and many other locations.

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Educamia is the only agency that does not charge any commission to Schools. This guarantees Students the lowest price. Educamia is the only Agency to put the Student in direct contact with the School from the beginning. While Educamia student Advisors are always here to help. Most Schools on Educamia offer a discount on their public price. If students find a cheaper price somewhere else, we pay back the difference.

Friendly Professional Student Advisors
Educamia helps you compare and choose the right course. Educamia has selected the best language Schools, Boarding and Day Schools, Summer Camps, Colleges and Universities, around the world. We make it easy for you to compare courses and prices. Our student advisors are friendly and professional. They are available live to help students. With Educamia, Students connect directly with Schools and pay no commission.

English courses in the South West of England
The South West of England is a great location for learning English. Some of the most beautiful countrysides and breathtaking coastlines to be found in England. From the antique Roman city of Bath and the surfing paradise of Newquay, to the ancient towns of Salisbury and Totnes.
There are plenty to do in the beautiful south west of England.....

English School in Bath, Inglaterra

English School in  Bath, EnglandCity of Bath College is located in the centre of the World Heritage City of Bath. It offers a wide range of courses to about 6000 students, including 500 learners from over 50 countries. The most popular courses for our international learners are: University of Bath International Foundation Year, Un [...]

English School in Bristol, Inglaterra

English School in  Bristol, EnglandBLC is a dynamic, independent, British Council accredited school which offers a wide range of high quality English language courses. We treat every student as an individual, ensuring they receive an all-round experience. We teach practical, real-life English and we use the latest technology for lear [...]

English School in Bournemouth, Inglaterra

English School in  Bournemouth, EnglandCavendish School of English is a family-run business with 6 family members actively involved in the day-to-day running of the school.
Established in 1983, the school is situated within three elegant Victorian buildings in a beautiful and leafy suburb of Bournemouth.
The charming three-storey b [...]

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